work sketches. :)
Elspeth in color- or preliminary ideas for her color. I really wana get on doing this comic book now. :)
Zenovia and Constantine ( though im not sold on Constantine's look yet) This is yet another character study for my some-day comic book.
Ithaca and the owl. Another character sketch for my one-day comic book. :D
A quick fan art of Korra, while drinkin' coffee. Dont you hate when you pick up your sketch book and realize you've been drawing at an angle? Yeaah, me too.

Sketches I did at work today, a salon, which means lots of fashion magazines. :)

Having fun inkin' and sketchin' at the coffee house :)

Some sample comic book pages- sans the dialogue.

Quick horse study tonight, getting ready for some new comic book pages

I drew, inked and started to color this on the plane the last time i went home. Nice cheap markers and a sharpie. Plus some kid behind me going "Mom! She's coloring it!" that was my favorite part. ( I had colored her skin in marker but I didn't like it- so that i fixed in photoshop)

I dont think Im done with this one yet, but I wanted to share the progress. I should say that Im very unsatisfied with the ground and castle as of now but I plan to work on that further. And I did not color the fairy first, but later I decided to show it with the lined background and only herself colored-though an earlier version of her coloring.

uploading my portfolio pages makes me want to go back and color each of the images individually that much more. Then post them of course.