The picture seems determined to be a bit fuzzy which is totally annoying but this is one of the paintings I did for christmas presents. Winter Lights went to my brother Nicholas who seems to really like it. :)

 Finally took the time to scan some art - Sketches I've done while sitting at a desk at work while waiting for the phone to ring. 2014 is going to see me posting a lot more of my art.
work sketches. :)
Elspeth in color- or preliminary ideas for her color. I really wana get on doing this comic book now. :)
Zenovia and Constantine ( though im not sold on Constantine's look yet) This is yet another character study for my some-day comic book.
Ithaca and the owl. Another character sketch for my one-day comic book. :D
A quick fan art of Korra, while drinkin' coffee. Dont you hate when you pick up your sketch book and realize you've been drawing at an angle? Yeaah, me too.